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Designing beautiful and healthy interiors for the well-being of people and the planet.
At Karine Hervouet Interiors, we help sensitive people, attentive to their well-being and aware of the challenges facing our planet, create stunning living or working spaces!

We design with simplicity living and working interiors that are beautiful, comfortable, and wellness-oriented, for every occupant in respect of the Planet.

We design biophilic interiors to bring the benefits of Nature indoors and transform your space into a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable sanctuary.

We source smart solutions from modern artisans and local businesses that master eco-founded solutions of age-old techniques and simple materials.

We source fair-trade and eco-friendly furnishings for a remarkable interior.

Led by Karine Hervouet, Founder & Lead Designer

Karine believes that better designs enhance the daily wellness of every occupant.

She designs with respect of people and the Planet, to promote a more conscious trade.

Non-toxic materials, natural paints, eco-sourced fabrics and indoor plants are her magic combo to design cozy and healthy interiors.
She always says: "When it is good for us, it is good for our Planet too!"

Her style is inspired by the traditional French craftsmanship, the natural light and raw materials.
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